USA K1 Fiancee Visa Thailand
  • 100% Success Rate
    None of our clients has ever been denied a visa. No other firm can match our track record of success. We have processed more fiancée and marriage visas from Thailand to the USA than all others, combined.
  • Fastest Processing time K-1 fiancee visa:
    3-6 month processing time. As the oldest and longest established firm, our knowledge and experience has resulted in the implementation of all possible short cuts and efficient processing methods. Our un-rival experience and track record results in the fastest processing time for you and your fiancee’.
    The Untied States Citizenship & Immigration Services, (USCIS) Vermont Service Center is now averaging 1-2 month processing time, the USCIS California Service Center is currently averaging a 4 month processing time. The Department of State (DOS) averages 1-2 month processing time. This makes the total processing time 3-6 months on average. Anyone who tells you a shorter processing time is not being honest.
  • US Fiancee and marriage visas, it’s all we do!
    K-1 fiancee visas, CR-1 and K-3 marriage visas from Thailand to the USA is our sole area of practice. Compare The only other services we provide support your needs: Obtaining your fiancee’s Green Card once she is in the US and prenuptial agreements.
  • Most Experienced.
    We have processed more fiancée and marriage visas, from Thailand to the USA, than all other Thailand based and USA based immigration attorneys and visa service companies, combined. Our unmatched track record, which includes our 100% success rate, assures the visa will be issued, and in the shortest period time.
  • Premium Services
    We provide the most comprehensive range of premium services. Providing full support for both you and your fiancée. See our video for details.
  • Full Money back guarantee
    If your application is denied due to our failure, we will provide you with a full re-fund. This has never happened. All of our clients want the visa, none want their money back. We work for all of our clients as if they were are only client to assure the issuance of the visa.
  • Bangkok Thailand Office
    Our office is in Bangkok. This is where your fiancée/wife is required to appear for all aspects of the visa application process. Examples: American Embassy, Embassy approved hospitals (2), National Police Headquarters, Passport Control, etc
  • USCIS forms online for faster filing
    We use the USCIS forms directly from (USCIS) United States Citizenship & Immigrations Services. No other software or form completion and application submission system is faster.
  • K-3 marriage visa & CR-1 marriage visa
    If you are already married you can choose from the K-3 marriage visa which allows your wife to freely travel to and from Thailand and the USA for a two year period without restriction with a unlimited multiple entry visa. The CR-1 visa accomplishes this and more and it also includes your wife’s green card.
Top 20 reasons to hire U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors
100% success Rate
Full money back guarantee
Obtaining medical clearance
Obtaining criminal background checks
Completing all forms and supporting documents
Taking care of you & your fiancée/wife for all details
Embassy interview preparation
Thailand based US law firm
Unmatched track record of success
USCIS forms online for faster filing
We are the oldest & most established firm
Unrivaled number of client testimonials
Longest established relationship with the US Embassy
Thai & English speaking personnel
US Fiancee’ & Marriage visas, our sole area of practice
VIP van & we personally escort you & your fiancée/wife
Experienced with the most complex cases
Personal, courteous and compassionate care
Green Cards application services for our clients
Prenuptial Agreements, unrivaled complexity and depth
Fiancee Visa Fees Cost Comparison Chart & Visa Fees for K1 fiancee Visa Start Today for K1 fiancee Visa & K3 Marriage Visa

Personal Service - Fiancee Visa, Marriage Visa

We personally escort your fiancee or wife, and take her to the numerous places she needs to go with regard to the visa application process: US Embassy, Thai National police headquarters, Thailand passport control, medical examination, post office (for interview fee), photo studio for specific photos that are required, Thailand Amphur District office, Thailand Department of Foreign Affairs, etc. The director of our firm, along with our staff, will personally accompany your fiancee’ or wife each time she is required to appear at the US Embassy. The interview at the US Embassy is the most critical part of the entire process, it is similar to a final exam and can count for 100% of your grade. We will ensure that your fiancee' or wife is thoroughly prepared.

Critically important - Thailand based USA immigration law office for K-1 Fiancee

Fiancee Visa Thailand
Because we are based in Thailand and the USA, we are able to provide an un-matched level of service to you and especially to your fiancee’ or wife. It is critically important to hire a Thailand based, English and Thai speaking immigration law office when you need a fiancee' or marriage visa for a Thai girl. We speak, write, and read Thai, which is much more than any USA based visa service or immigration attorney can do.

USA based immigration attorney's and visa service companies cannot provide the same efficient and accurate visa document preparation that our Bangkok based company can. Being based in Bangkok enables us to spend time personally assisting your fiancee' or wife, the most important and time consuming part of the visa process.


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We personally assist your fiancee as no one else can:

  • Gather all information and documents from your fiancee in person
  • Personally meet with your fiancee and explain the entire process, in the Thai language, her native language
  • Meet with your fiancee' and prepare all applications for her signature within hours rather than weeks or months
  • Translate and certify all documents and forms from Thai to English
  • Personally escort your fiancee to the: US Embassy, medical exam, police headquaters, district office, passport control, legalization division, post office, photo studio, etc
  • Personally meet with her to prepare for the interview at the US Embassy
  • Be available to speak to your fiancee' in her native language via a local phone call in her time zone or meet in our office at any time during the application process at no charge
K1 Fiancee Visa Thailand Staff

Our Thailand Law Firm does everything for her, and you

People who do it themselves learn if they make one mistake in completing the visa forms they will be required to start over and completely re-file for the fiancee visas, k-1 visas. This can be very tragic when they want so much to be together.

Do not assume your fiancee’s part of the visa application is similar to yours, it’s not,