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"Not all prenuptial agreements are created equally".

"The proper creation of a prenuptial agreement lies in the details".

Prenuptial Agreements for American gentlemen marrying foreign ladies.
Our Pre-Nuptial Agreement is dependable protection that has been specifically written for American men marrying foreign ladies. Written in English and translated into various other languages it protects your current and future assets in America and abroad. Conforms to the United States Uniform Premarital Agreement Act.

Our firm’s pre-nuptial agreement protects your pension, savings, home, business, any and all property, belongings and cash you acquire before your marriage and during the marriage and protects you from paying alimony.

Our firm specializes in prenuptial agreements for American gentlemen from all 50 states marrying foreign ladies from Asia.

In order for a Pre-nuptial agreement to be legally binding upon your fiancée’ in the USA, it needs to be provided to your fiancee’ in her native language, a language she understands. We provide your fiancee’ with the prenuptial agreement in her native language.

In order for a prenuptial agreement to be binding upon your fiancée she must have adequate legal representation. Your fiancée must be represented by legal counsel who can explain the agreement to her and explain her legal rights and responsibilities, as well as yours, in her native language. She must be able to fully understand all communications with the attorney representing her.

An English speaking attorney based in the USA can not represent your fiancee’. He can not explain the agreement to your fiancée in her native language if he doesn’t speak, read or write her native language. He can not adequately represent her, making even the best prenuptial agreement voidable. A prenuptial agreement will be set aside by the courts if your intended wife did not have adequate representation.

Our firm provides you and your fiancee’ with the pre-nuptial agreement in both English and her native language. We will refer your fiancee’ to a qualified attorney, schedule the appointments, and provide his or her legal fee.

The best pre-nuptial agreement will cover the following basic areas when you are marrying a foreign lady:

1. It needs to cover and conform to the laws (both case law and written law) of the United States as set forth in the US Uniform Premarital Agreement Act and your particular state.

2. Your fiancee’ must be represented by adequate independent counsel

We will require your intended wife to retain independent counsel. We will refer your intended wife to a licensed attorney in her home country who speaks her native language if not English, schedule her appointments and provide his or her legal fee. Both your intended wife and her counsel will be provided with a copy of the prenuptial agreement in English and her native language, if other than the English language.

Your intended wife will sign a document (in both languages) stating that she understands the prenuptial agreement in it's entirety, that she has been represented by independent counsel, that she has had the document fully explained to her by her counsel who has also answered all of her questions, that she is entering into the agreement freely and with a complete knowledge of the letter and intent of the agreement, and that the agreement has been provided to her in both the English language and her native language, if not English. That she is fully aware of her community property rights and freely waives those rights. In addition and for your protection she will waiver her rights in several other areas that will be evident when you read the agreement but which are too involved to itemize here.

Your intended wife's attorney will also sign a document stating that he represents your intended wife, that he has fully explained the entire prenuptial agreement to her, answered all of her questions, and that she has indicated to him that she fully understands the agreement in it's entirety. A copy of her attorney’s license will be attached to the prenuptial agreement, as well as his/her receipt for payment received from your intended wife for his/her legal services.

Our prenuptial agreement is created anticipating all possible contingencies.

con•tin•gen•cy; n. pl. con•tin•gen•cies: A possibility that must be prepared for; a future emergency.

Our prenuptial agreement provides you with ALL the protection you need, anticipating that you will have asset and income changes in the future.

We anticipate arguments that could be used by opposing counsel and judges if the agreement is challenged. Our prenuptial agreement is written to defend against and protect you from all possible arguments that could be used by opposing counsel if the agreement is challenged.

If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement your wife is legally entitled to half of all of your earnings.
American and foreign community property laws state that upon divorce your spouse is entitled to half of everything you acquired during the course of your marriage. For example: If you were married for 5 years and during that time the home you owned (purchased before or after your marriage) appreciated in value by $100,000.00 (based on 5% appreciation per year for a $400,000.00 home), and you earned an annual salary of $50,000.00 per year for each of the five years you were married, you would need to write your wife a check for $225,000.00 at the time of your divorce.

If you didn’t have this money available to pay your wife the judge may order you to either turn your home over to your wife, sell your home and pay her off from the proceeds, or order you to move out and allow your wife to live in the home while you continue to pay all related expenses. The later is a stronger possibility when children are involved, whether they are yours or hers from a previous relationship. If you don’t own a home or have enough equity in your home the court could liquidate your business assets, or attach your salary or other income. In addition you will most likely be ordered to pay alimony. This could be for an indefinite period or limited period. Alimony varies depending upon the individual circumstances, but often it is intended to maintain the lifestyle that you had previously provided to your wife during your marriage. If you are fortunate enough to provide only a basic standard of living, she will need to rent an apartment, eat, purchase clothing and items for her basic needs, etc. A monthly amount can easily exceed $1,500.00 as basic apartments exceed $1,000.00 per month.

The complexity and depth of our firm’s agreement is un-matched.
You need to be confident that the prenuptial agreement you purchase will stand up in court if challenged. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and money.

Prenuptial Agreements can be obtained from countless attorneys who profess their expertise but who just don’t have their facts straight with regard to the law. It’s difficult for a layman to know which attorneys have their facts straight. Our firm specializes in creating legally defensible prenuptial agreements. Our pre-nuptial agreement and our track record are un-matched.

There are many other areas of a pre-nuptial agreement that are extremely important, but they are impossible to list here without presenting to you the entire pre-nuptial agreement. You may request excerpts from the agreement via e-mail.

Adversarial US divorce system.
Divorce, is one of life’s major emotional events and is enough to deal with without getting the courts involved. If your marriage ends and you don’t have a prenuptial agreement you will be forced to spend time, effort, emotion and a lot of money to have aggressive divorce lawyers and the divorce courts decide your fate in the adversarial US divorce system. With our prenuptial agreement both you and your intended wife have pre-agreed that it will be used as your settlement agreement in the event of a divorce, thereby enabling you to bypass the adversarial system of divorce that you would otherwise be forced to endure.

For more information and consultation please refer to the contact page for our e-mail address and telephone numbers.

We understand that you may like to speak personally with the firm president. We understand your need for answers to important questions. The firm president is headquartered at our main office in Bangkok, Thailand and travels frequently in Asia to meet with clients. For further discussions regarding a prenuptial agreement you may e-mail, call or meet in person.

Our fee is 2,950.00 US dollars.

A properly executed pre-nuptial agreement takes time to prepare, two weeks notice should be provided in most cases. We are practiced at speaking with the Asian girls in such a way that they accept the agreement as a benefit to them.